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DERMOSCENT Essential OTO Ear Cleanser For Dogs & Cats 100ml

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DERMOSCENT Essential OTO Ear Cleanser For Dogs & Cats 100ml

Product Description

Physiological ear cleanser

The presence of cerumen in the ears of dogs, cats, and rabbits is normal. But an abundant production or an insufficient elimination of cerumen can lead to an accumulation in the ear canal and favor the development of an infection. An efficient yet mild ear cleansing helps control or prevent disorders (build-up of earwax, foul odors…).
Essential Oto® is a physiological cleanser specifically designed for the ear hygiene of dogs, cats, and rabbits. Based on 100% natural ingredients, it helps eliminate excessive earwax and debris while deodorizing ear canals. It also has a moisturizing and soothing action. Thanks to its alcohol-free formula and its mild ceruminolytic agents, Essential Oto® is very well tolerated and perfectly suitable for maintaining healthy ears, even the most sensitive ones.

Directions for use

Tilt the head of the animal and maintain the ear directed upward.
Instill Essential Oto® into the ear canal to fill it up and massage the base of the ear for few seconds to detach dirt. The animal will shake its head to evacuate the excess of product from canals.
Then clean the pinnae with a cotton pad or gauze.
Repeat the operation if necessary, especially when the ear is very dirty.
Remember to disinfect the nozzle after each application.
It is recommended to use Essential Oto® once to twice a week, depending upon ear canal dirtiness.

If an unusual situation (your pet scratches his/her ears, shakes his/her head, or unusually holds his/her head…), consult your veterinarian to detect potential otitis.


The efficacy of Essential Oto® is based on:
- Lipoaminoacids of green apple and a Saponaria root extract, cleansing agents which help remove dirt gently.
- A combination of essential oil of niaouli and lichen extract with deodorizing properties.
- A pumpkin seed extract with soothing properties and hemp seed oil rich in moisturizing essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6).


- Easy to use thanks to a twist-off service cap allowing a single-handed opening.
- At home, Essential Oto® can be used in case of:
1. Dirty ears:excessive earwax, cellular debris (desquamation), …
2. Bad odors
3. Predisposed breeds with hairy ears (Poodle…), floppy ears (Cocker Spaniel, Setter…), narrow ear canals (Shar-pei…)
- It is essential to remind here that the use of cotton swabs is not recommended.


The efficacy of Essential Oto® has been proven thanks to a clinical study carried out under veterinary supervision on dogs with an excess of cerumen or foul odors without any sign of otitis.
Owner satisfaction*: 80%
Deodorizing effect*: 90%
*Length of use for 2 to 3 weeks

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