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NEAKASA Open-Top Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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NEAKASA Open-Top Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Product introduction

Meet Neakasa Open-TopSelf-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

The open-style design maximize comfort for cats of all sizes, and it features advanced litter-sifting technology, real-time monitoring of waste, litter levels and cat's health through the Neakasa app. With the litter box design, it has an advance odor control while ensuring hands-free cleaning for weeks


Stop scooping forever! Our smart litter box sifts clumps and separating waste from clean litter during each cycle, leaving your kitty with a cleaner, less time-consuming, and a better bathroom experience. And the attached mat guarantees you less extra cleaning needs.

Advanced Odor Control

Completely leak-proof trays are pre-filled with premium gel filter for unbeatable odor control, and a waste bag inside locks away solid waste and smells. When it's time to clean up, all you have to do is swap a waste bag with any new regular one.

Open Top Smart Cat Litter Box

The open-top style allows your pet effortless in and out while making for anti-pinch design and smooth transition, along with easy setup and maintenance.

Anti-pinch Design

Uncovered design means no more sensors or damaged sensor risk, and your cat can enter or exit freely without being trapped, even during a cleaning cycle.

Smooth Transition

Indulge your kitty with the freedom they crave with our open top automatic cat litter box. This innovative solution provides easier access and a more natural environment for your cats. Many cats can acclimate within a week.

Easy Litter Filling

Experience the ultimate convenience of easy litter filling with our innovative design.The open-top, uncovered design allows you to effortlessly pour litter from above.

Four Intelligent Modes

Simply select the desired mode with a single click or through the Neakasa app, and effortlessly solve all your cleaning problems.

Two-Week Hands-Free

4L capacity of trash box that means no scooping, cleaning or refilling cat's litter box for two weeks.


Our unique sifting technology separes all wastes from clean litter within one cycle, providing your kitty a clean bed of litter for every use.

Smarter PetCare at Fingertips

Use our cat litter box with the Neakasa app to get notified when the waste drawer is full and the time to refill litter, access real-time activity and controls, and track your kitty's litter box habits—all from your phone.


Size: 591*525*513 mm
Litter Box Width: 434mm
Litter Box Depth: 400mm
Litter Box Capacity: 7.17L
Toilet Box Capactiy: 11.23L
Height to Jump In: 352mm
Package Size: 630*540*470 mm