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Petio Electric Dancing Cat Kicker Toy With Catnip (USB Charging Ver.) - Beer

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HKD 234.00
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Product Description

- There are 3 levels of vibration and USB chargeable.
- The toy will "dance" if it senses any simulation.
- Catnip can be put in the pocket of the toy.Let's enjoy the toy with your cat~

For all cats

Petio stared carefully as a pet care business as an industry of life, "Creating a society where pets and people can live happy" aim.


We believe that pets are part of family.

A pet that gives people peace and encouragement at times is an irreplaceable partner.

First of all, responsibility as a person keeping his / her life is sent out to the market with pet safety / health-conscious products.

Our goal is to create a comfortable symbiotic society of people and pets. By working on developing better products, we will continue to progress day by day to realize our goals.