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About CityU Vet Boutique

While the professional veterinary team of CityU Veterinary Medical Centre (CityU VMC) provides various medical services for pets, CityU Vet Boutique, under CityU VMC, offers you and your pets quality, safe and effective pet products. As your strongest backup for pet care, we provide various kinds of assistance and information for pets at different stages of life cycle, especially during illness and rehabilitation periods.

Backed by CityU VMC, all products sold at CityU Vet Boutique are approved and recommended by our veterinarians. According to the practical needs of pets, our veterinarians will provide professional advices so that you can acquire suitable products directly from CityU Vet Boutique. Customized medical supplies for pets, such as wheelchairs for cats or dogs, are also available where necessary.

CityU Vet Boutique has a physical store located at the lower level of CityU VMC and an online store. Products are mainly divided into two categories: daily care and medical supplies. We carefully curate world-renowned ethical suppliers, many of which have partnered with us for more than 20 years. At CityU Vet Boutique, product quality, safety and effectiveness are confidently guaranteed.

All staff in our physical store are pet-owners familiar with all our products, providing you with all kinds of assistance and information at any time. Meanwhile, our resourceful online store publishes not only product introduction but also articles and videos about daily care for pets, medical knowledge and product information.


Pets are important family members of pet-owners. As pet-owners ourselves, we deeply appreciate your love and care for pets and understand your anxiety and helplessness when pets are sick.

With the commitment of “Guard for a Petter Life”, animal welfare is always our top priority. We are willing to shoulder and share the responsibility of life-long pet care with you. We are dedicated to sourcing a variety of quality, safe and effective pet products for you, so that pets can receive proper and all-round care during their healthiness, illness and rehabilitation periods. We also care about various product and emotional needs of pet-owners.


We are dedicated to introducing the highest quality, the safest and the most effective pet products from all over the world. We provide pet-owners with one-stop pet care products, services and information. Through assistance, sharing, guidance and education, we aim to promote the notion of “Love for the Animals, Care for a Lifetime”.