Sizzling Summer Outing Shopping Ideas  
The heat of this summer is record breaking! The tremendous heat however will not deter our babies and they are keen to jog even under the hot sun. As their owner, we have to prepare thoroughly to ensure that they will not be threatened by the heat when they are enjoying sunshine and fresh air.

Is it okay to keep our babies at home because of the hot weather? No! Dog walk can activate their brain, train their social skills, and increase the temperamental stability. The body muscles are also properly stretched and relieved. Many benefits for dogs as said and it is just as important as breathing air, eating, and urinating. Before going out, we should prepare the followings:

(1) PETIO Portable Water Bottle LEAF 
The most important item for dog walk in summer! This water bottle has a great background. The silicone water feeder won the “Red Dot Design Award” of Germany in 2017 with excellent design details, angles and materials. It is also comfortable touching and durable. It comes with a hand strap and carabiner and is easy to carry. It can replace with 500ml water bottle. 

(2) IBIYAYA IBBI Elegant Retro I Pet Stroller – Apple Green  
The design as a user is always the most intimate. The muse behind this brand is a Maltese Ibbi who accompanied his owner to settle in Taiwan from Australia. According to the baby stroller SGS standard, it does not use second-hand plastics, and its non-toxic materials is solid but ultra-lightweight to produce "exquisite" pet trolleys. The adjustable handlebar is suitable for all owners. The front mesh canopy offers excellent air flow and ice pads can be placed in summer. 

(3) DERMOSCENT ATOP 7®️ Mousse For Dogs & Cats 150ml 
Fur child goes out to explore around the street and sits everywhere they like. Their fur and feet may get dirt easily. Before going home, we want to have a quick clean. You can use this dry-cleaning mousse, which is foamy and easy to use. The product developed explicitly for irritated, dry or allergic skin. Its formula rich in natural active ingredients with anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, which can effectively remove dirt and allergens, reduce irritation and soothe itching, as well as moisturize and enhance skin barrier functions. 

(4) VET BOUTIQUE Dog Poop Bag (3 rolls) 
Cleaning up the poop for their dogs is the owner’s responsibility. Many years ago, I saw some Japanese owner can do it hygienically with convenience. However, some people may think that it is not environmentally friendly. This plastic poop bag can help. Its degradable plastics made by stone. Calcium carbonate from lime stone is the main materials. And the technology makes the bags degradable after long time exposure in sunlight. It keeps the earth healthy while maintaining the sanitation of the street environment. 

(5) EZYDOG Chest Plate Harness – Denim
An outdoor sports pet products brand from Australia, has won many international awards. The brand concept is to encourage owners to bring pets to engage in outdoor activities. Ergonomic EVA foam chest plate to conform to dog’s chest for a custom fit. The reflective stitching provides enhanced night visibility. The details such as the buckle and the rust-proof welded Dring keeps your dog attached to the leash.

(6) EZYDOG Quick Fit Harness
When our dog eagerly goes out, wearing harness becomes a hard job. The one-click of the buckle of the Quick Fit™️ can be quickly put on in 2 seconds which fit modern people and dogs! In addition to other details such as the underarm design, comfortable neoprene chest strap, reflective stitching, stainless steel ring to stabilize the position of the chest strap etc. Dog may love it. 

(7) EZYDOG Zero Shock Leashes 48" 
Dog is excited when he goes out, and he can't help running and jumping. Sometimes too much force may hurt his neck. A professional-grade leash can play a role. The patented Zero Shock™️ technology is the advanced shock-absorbing component, located in the center of the shock-absorbing leash, with featuring EzyDog’s proprietary Soft Touch 1” wide webbing, which instantly relieves and reduces the stress and strain on both the owner and the dog. 

(8) EZYDOG Handy Leash 48” w / Zero Shock – Black
Your fingers clasped tightly when dating. How about Dog Walk! I believe that many owners have tried loose leash which poses a certain risk. The handle part of this handy leash is made of soft touch neoprene (used in diving suits), and has a reflective trim. The elasticity can be adjusted arbitrarily to fit all hand sizes. 

(9) SASSY WOOF Rope Leash - Pixie Dust (Purple & Pink)
If you are a fan of pastel colors, this naturally dyed ombre leash is very likely to become your next favorite.  Made with 100% cotton and paired with rose gold hardware, the natural dye pastel color brings a dreamy touch to any girlie dog.  

(10) ADD MATE Animal Friends Noisy Toy Beep Monkey
Lots of dogs like to go on outings with their own toys.  The Japanese brand Add Mate squeaky dog toy is made with multiple materials and is tough enough for your dog to chew on while making its favorite beep sound.  

(11) WOOSH Pet Wipes Reseal
People are getting more concerned about hygiene than ever.  Cleaning and sanitizing pets become every pet parent’s habit after going out with them.  The compact-sized Singapore-made Woosh alcohol-free hypoallergenic pet wipes contain vitamin E and olive leaf extract, which helps to bring a healthy-looking coat and paws.  

Burns pet diet is of our Vet’s favorite.  Found by a well-experienced British Veterinary Surgeon, who follows the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, Burn’s diet aims to maintain the balance within the pet’s body to help to improve their health.  These delicious treats are made from chicken and oats and are low in fat and calories, making them the ideal accompaniment to a weight-control plan or as a healthier treat.

(13) Zignature Kangaroo Formula Biscuit Treats
Zignature is recognized for its natural ingredient and the wholesome selection of meat used in producing their pet food.  Made with the kangaroo, this treat is particular something your dog must try.

In addition to the above basic facilities, we must have disinfection and anti-epidemic items for ourselves. Regarding to the time of dog walk, it depends on the needs of your dog. For large breed dogs, they can go out twice a day, and once only for small breed dogs. It takes around 10-15 minutes. Pay attention to avoid overheated roads. It can hurt their soles of the feet. Physically active dogs may even need extra exercise. Furthermore, the owner must be reminded that the chest back and leash should be used during dog walk. Many owners got excuses that the weather is too hot or the dogs are well behaved until accidents and casualties have occurred as a result. You regret it maybe not today, but soon and for the rest of your life. 

Dog Walk belongings: CityU Vet Boutique (cityuvb.com.hk)