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By purchasing this Prescription Product, you confirm your pet has been examined by a vet who has recommended the use of this product on the basis of examination and diagnosis.
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Should your pet’s condition deteriorate in any way while using this product, seek immediate veterinary advice.
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Product Description:

About the Assisi Loop Lounge® The Assisi Loop Lounge® offers a safe, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical pain management technology that can be used as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with the treatment plan prescribed by a veterinarian.

The lounge delivers a micro-current that helps enhance the body's natural production of nitric oxide, fasten the healing of soft and hard tissues—including the skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, and organs.

PEMF is used in pain management, osteoarthritis, inflammation, post-surgical healing and wound healing. Loop Lounge is suitable for rabbits, cats and dogs.

Product Features & Benefits:

- Guaranteed to deliver 6000 treatments.

- Washable, durable, anti-bacterial and water-resistant therapy pad cover custom made by BuddyRest®

- Total body treatment

Optimal Comfort and Total Body Treatment:

The Assisi Loop Lounge PEMF bed provides a comfortable space for pets to receive healing treatments at home, thereby reducing any stress.

The treatment field of Loop Lounge extends up to 25cm (10 inch) from the surface of the therapy pads, which means dogs or cats can receive a whole body anti-inflammatory treatment from head to toes.


- Extra Small Size:

7.5 x 15 inches

- Small Size:

10 x 19.5 inches

- Medium Size:

17 x 35 inches

- Large Size:

23.5 x 32.5 inches 


Initial Treatments

Regardless of what is being treated, it is recommended that you start with 3 to 4 treatments per day of 15-minutes each for acute and chronic or degenerative conditions.

Acute Conditions

For acute conditions (such as post-surgical treatment or recovery from a trauma), we recommend that you continue 3 to 4 treatments per day for the first week or so and then taper off for the next 7 to 10 days or until the condition is fully healed.

Chronic Conditions

For chronic or degenerative conditions, we recommend that you continue with 3 to 4 treatments per day for 7 to 10 days and monitor the animal until you see improved mobility and less pain response. Again, you can taper down to 1 or 2 treatments per day or even 1-3 treatments per week. With some chronic and degenerative conditions, the patient may get to the point that they would only be treated as needed for pain, particularly if it is a condition that is prone to flare-ups.

Apply to:

Cats and Dogs