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CATWALK Soybean Cat Litter (Green Tea) 6L

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CATWALK Soybean Cat Litter (Green Tea) 6L

Product Description

Why Catwalk Soybean Litter?

Cats gave us love, fun, and companionship that is unmatched. Each cat is equipped with unique personalities, with sprinkle of Cattitude. At Catwalk, we are inspired to develop products that goes with the Cattitude. Pairing with our Catwalk Soybean Litter, enriching the walks of life of cats.

Product Benefits

- Made with 100% Natural Ingredients: Biodegradable, safe if accidentally ingested
- Natural Fragrance: Aromatic scent controls odour effectively
- Odour & Moisture Control: Neutralizing odours & reducing ammonia in urine
- Fast absorbent & Hard Clumping: Forms clump before reaching bottom part of litter box
- Low Tracking: No more messy
- Easy to Scoop: Does not stick to the litter box
- Flushable: Safe to flush in small quantities
- Dust Free: Protect your cat’s health and respiratory system
- Soft & Gentle on Paw: Does not stick-on paw
- Absorption rate only takes 1 second: 2mm pellet size have lesser in-between space, clumps more effectively
- Cat Health Checks: Cat spends 70% of its lifespan on licking its paw & fur. This might lead to ingesting cat litter indirectly.

A 100% Natural Cat Litter solve all your problems

X Dust
X Odour
X Daily Disposal
X Mess at Litter Tray
X Health Hazards

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