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CityU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Home Collection Worm Test Kit

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CityU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Home Collection Worm Test Kit

Product description

The fecal intestinal parasite test kit provides dog owner the convenience of intestinal parasite exam without scheduling a visit to the Vet.

Simply purchase the home collection worm test kit, collect faecal sample at home, then return the sample. The exam report will be sent directly to the pet owner once ready. You can bring the report to your Veterinarian for consultation. Doinh your dog health check at home, It is as simple as that!


What is a Home Collection Worm Test Kit?

The primary goal of a faecal exam is to identify if any intestinal parasites are present in the intestinal tract of your dog. Once parasites are detected, your veterinarian will begin immediate treatment.

Why should I screen my dog for intestinal parasites?

Intestinal parasites are difficult to detect in your dog. Testing faeces(stool) is a convenient way to check your animal health for intestinal parasites. Regular faecal tests and dog body check are the best way to ensure that your dog and your family are safe from intestinal parasites.

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