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DERMCARE Natural Shampoo 250ml

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DERMCARE Natural Shampoo 250ml

Product Description

Natural is a mild hypoallergenic shampoo which is gentle on skin and tough on dirt.

Product Features & Benefits

It is suitable for:

- Regular bathing, even those with sensitive skin
- Removing tough dirt and mud
- Breaking up anal gland debris caught in fur
- Can be used daily if required
- Regular bathing will help keep the coat free of pollens and other irritants

For best results, wet your animal thoroughly and apply shampoo directly to the coat. Work into a thick lather, then rinse until water runs clear.

It contains coconut oils, providing a natural source of moisturisers. For added moisturising and fragrance, Aloveen conditioner can be applied after Natural shampoo.

Apply to

Cat & Dog

Dermcare-Vet is a 100% Australian owned and operated company founded in 1981 by Professor Kenneth Mason. Professor Mason was the first veterinarian in Australia to be registered as a specialist Veterinary Dermatologist. Many of his discoveries have application to both human and animal health. Our aim, and thus our advantage, is that we concentrate the business on a limited range of very high quality products which are developed for specific veterinary dermatological purposes. Dermcare-Vet products can be found in Australia, Asia, Africa and the Pacific where they are supported by a growing number of distribution partners. Malaseb™ is manufactured and distributed under license in both North and South America as well as in Europe.