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DERMOSCENT PYOClean Shampoo For Dogs & Cats 200ml

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DERMOSCENT PYOClean Shampoo For Dogs & Cats 200ml

Product Description

Purifying shampoo for improved control of skin infections

PYOclean® Shampoo is a purifying shampoo intended to optimize the management of recurrent skin infections. Its concentrated formula, rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), extracted from plants and the natural antimicrobial complex PhytoC-2®, has been specifically designed for dogs and cats (physiological pH). PYOclean® Shampoo has no added fragrance, and it is a complementary solution intended to:
- gently clean, thanks to its soap-free high-tolerance cleansing base
- purify without irritating or drying out the skin
- restore the balance of the cutaneous flora

Directions for use

- Apply the shampoo on the animal’s coat previously moistened with lukewarm water. Massage to achieve a good volume of lather all over the animal’s body. Leave on for at least two minutes. Then rinse off thoroughly and dry off the animal.
- Specifically formulated for sensitive animal skin, this shampoo can be used once to several times a week.


PYOclean® Shampoo contains hemp oil, rich in essential fatty acids (Ω 3 and 6), combined with essential oils of oregano and manuka, propolis, and honey. Its cleansing base is formulated with lipoaminoacides from green apples and degrades quickly in the environment.


- In case of infection, PYOclean® Shampoo can be used in combination with medicated shampoos to alleviate cutaneous dryness, which potentially may be caused by the latter or used on its own between recurrent episodes of infection
- It is complementary to PYOspot® (spot-on care for general cases) and PYOclean® Wipes (cleansing care for localized issues), helping to control and reduce recurrences.


The efficacy of PYOclean® Shampoo has been proven in a clinical study carried out under veterinary supervision. A significant improvement in several criteria was established.

Percentage of change between D 0 and D 28:

- Purifying effect: +90%
- Soothing effect: +62%
- Deodorising effect: +81%

- Purifying effect: +89%
- Soothing effect : +61%

Put an end to skin problems

The range of Dermoscent® products provides innovative and efficient solutions to veterinarians to enhance the skin health and wellbeing of animals and, hence, respond to the expectations of pet owners.