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DERMOSCENT Uti-Zen For Dogs And Cats (30 tablets)

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DERMOSCENT Uti-Zen For Dogs And Cats (30 tablets)

Product Description

Food supplement for the urinary tract comfort

Successfully used in human medicine for centuries, cranberry now offers its benefits to companion animals.
The active constituents of cranberry are well known for helping limit the adhesion and proliferation of E. Coli bacteria on the urinary tract wall and their antioxidant effect. Uti-Zen® is very easy to use thanks to its breakable and palatable tablet presentation, which favors spontaneous intake.

Directions for use

Give once daily according to animal’s weight following the usage recommendations below:
- 0-10 kg: ½ tablet per day
- 10-20 kg: 1 tablet per day
- 20-40 kg: 2 tablets per day

Regular and continuous administration is recommended for optimal results. The tablets can be given separately or easily crushed and mixed with a regular diet.


Uti-Zen® is formulated with a cranberry powder obtained from the whole berries.


Dextrose, cranberry powder (Vaccinium macrocarpon):14.8% (200 mg), palatability agent: poultry by-products, yeasts, sugars; tricalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate. Additives: Preservatives, antioxidants.

Analytical constituents (in %)/ tablet

- Crude protein 5.7%
- Crude fibres 3.0%
- Crude fat 4.3%
- Crude ash 6.0%
- Calcium 1.8%
- Sodium 0.1%
- Phosphorus 0.9%
- Vitamin C <15 mg/kg


Formulated with the whole fruit of cranberries, Uti-Zen® is recommended by veterinarians in France and worldwide to improve urinary comfort and well-being among fragile or at-risk animals (elderly, stressed animals).


The benefits of Uti-Zen® in improving the urinary comfort of animals have been recognized since 2010 by both veterinarians and pet owners in France and from abroad (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, India, to name just a few).

Uti-Zen® is a palatable food supplement well accepted and appreciated not only by dogs but as well by cats, often more difficult to please. Helpful in maintaining and promoting urinary tract comfort, Uti-Zen® offers satisfaction to veterinarians, pet owners, and animals.

Put an end to skin problems

The range of Dermoscent® products provides innovative and efficient solutions to veterinarians to enhance the skin health and wellbeing of animals and, hence, respond to the expectations of pet owners.