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HEALED Light Therapy Coat

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HEALED Light Therapy Coat

Simple & effective Light Therapy for Pets to reduce pain, improve mobility and increase healing

The HeaLED innovative, vet-recommended Light Therapy Wraps & Coats deliver effective light treatments to manage your pet's pain, boost healing, and increase mobility - completely drug-free and non-invasive.

Our clinically-proven red and near infrared wavelengths safely reduce inflammation that causes joint & muscle issues and prompts tissue repair whether from injury, arthritis or illness. The soothing light therapy replicates results once only possible from professional lasers (whilst saving on any ongoing costs).

Product Features & Benefits:

- Significantly decreases pain and swelling
- Accelerates natural healing process
- Greater mobility from arthritis and injuries
- A portable, at-home professional-grade solution

Product Highlight 

Both our Light Therapy Coats and Wraps are wearable and can simply be adjusted with the attached Velcro straps. Our Wraps can also be used as a handheld device for hard to reach or awkward areas on our pets. Our Coats can also function as a 'blanket' and be laid on top of our pets for the ultimate comfort and coverage of major muscle groups.

Ease of Use - Automatic Timer
All HeaLED products are timed to automatically turn off after 10-minutes when the precise dosage has been given, ensuring the perfect treatment time for your furry friend. This also gives you peace of mind that the products will not stay on if you leave them unattended.

Safe Treatment
HeaLED provides LED powered low level, professional light therapy treatments from home. By using specially designed, modern LED lights, we deliver the same therapeutic benefits found in professional lasers without the side-effects and cost of laser light treatment - Our LEDs are both safe and proven to be effective.

Rechargeable & Portable
All of our HeaLED products are battery powered and rechargable, using the latest USB-C technology. Simply charge with the supplied USB cable in any standard plug and let your pet enjoy the powers of Red Light Therapy.

Tech Specs

Wavelengths: 633nm & 830nm dual LEDs (Continuous wave, no pulsing)
Power output: 30mW/cm2
Treatment Time: 10 minutes (auto timer will switch device off after this time)

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