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KAKATO Chicken Mousse for Dog & Cat 40g

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KAKATO Chicken Mousse for Dog & Cat 40g

Product Description

Chicken: Exceptional choice for a high-quality lean protein and low calories source. Excellent amino acid profile to help and maintain muscle tissues.

Mousse texture: Suitable for cats & dogs that have difficulty in chewing solid food. And it is convenient to mix and feed with dry food and supplement.

Halal certified


․ Chicken:46%
․ Vegetable oil:4%
․ Polysaccharide gum:1%
․ Starch:0.1%
․ Water:48.9%

Guaranteed Analysis

․ Crude Protein (min.):9%
․ Crude Fat (min.):1.2%
․ Crude Fibre (max.):0.8%
․ Ash (max.):2%
․ Moisture (max.):87%
․ Carbohydrate (max.):1.7%
․ Energy<:54 kcal/100g (ME)


Healthy Food Means Healthy Pets

More and more people regard their cats and dogs as family members and their health is the pet owner's main concern. Kakato has been providing a wide variety of high-quality, delicious, and healthy tinned food, snacks, and gluten-free dry food for pet owners who cares about the health of their pets.

Eventually, they can grow up healthily and happily.