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MY POTTY PAD Pet Sheets - Original 33 x 45 cm 100 pcs

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My Potty Pad uses a polymer produced by the Japanese chemical company Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Company Limited, which effectively absorbs and locks in water. And instantly dry, no doubt more than 50% higher water absorption than most pet diapers on the market.


• The strongest 6 layers of protection
• 100% leak proof guarantee
• Instantly absorbs moisture
• Locks in moisture and dries instantly
• Control odor and keep the air fresh
• All-round and effective response to multiple leaks
• Easier to train your dog to use the toilet in the right place
• Clean and spotless

6 layers of thick absorbent mesh:

Surface non-woven fabric, tissue paper/activated carbon tissue paper, absorbent polymer, pulp, bottom tissue paper, PE film
Highly waterproof and leak-proof edge design


1. Open the changing pad and place the plastic layer facing down away from the dog's sleeping and eating area.
2. Put your dog on the pad several times to get used to the touch.
3. When your dog goes to the toilet on the pad, please give appreciation and reward.
4. If your dog does not go to the toilet on the pad, please bring it back to the pad immediately.
5. New pads can be replaced regularly as needed.


33 x 45 cm, 100 pieces