NANOSANITAS Liquid Gold Serum 150ml

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With Silk Proteins and Argan Oil


Nanosanitas Liquid Gold Serum. The serum creates a thin protective layer, that detangles knots and restores dry fur. This “rejuvenating mantel” stimulates hair roots, while acting against external factors, providing visible repair and intensive fur nourishment.


Nanosanitas Silver Line Liquid Gold Serum


Unique in every way, our patent-pending Gold-line is bound to revolutionize grooming. We use Nano-Gold as a delivery mechanism found only in next-generation pharmaceuticals, to bring you a symphony of meticulously engineered nano- particles and nature’s purest ingredients. Debuting with this serum, based on hypoallergenic silk proteins and argan oil, we challenge you to spoil your pet and refine its fur to a cashmere touch & golden shine!


Our vision

For us, grooming is not just about tending to your pet’s appearance. Featuring silver or gold nanoparticles, meticulously combined with a selection of natural ingredients (e.g. extracts and oils), NanoSanitas™ shields our four-legged companions from pathogens, offering a better & healthier future for them and your family. We envision a worry-free co-habitation of humans and companion animals, where pets are treated as a part of the family. To facilitate this, we created a line of products that allows you to treat your pet in a way that suppresses minor skin issues avoiding their manifestation into a condition that will require extensive treatment.