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NANOSANITAS Odor Vanish Unscented Spray 250ml

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For Pet Accessories and Living Space


Nanosanitas Odor Vanish Unscented Spray. Containing more than 99.99% deionized water and a unique combination of nanoparticles, this formulation will permanently neutralize bacteria originating odors, leaving a fresh, scent-free environment. Suitable for pet accessories and living space.


Nanosanitas Silver Line Odor Vanish Unscented Spray


Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, this water-based NanoSanitas solution is suitable to clean pet accessories and living space, while creating a hygiene environment for you and your pet. The Anti-Odor Spray is free of solvents, preservatives and biocidal chemicals and thus non-toxic to humans and animals.



․ Smell inhibiting nanotechnology

․ Hypoallergenic

․ Better defence against bacteria, ticks and fleas

․ Suitable for pet accessories

․ Long lasting action



Simply spray it once every few days, at a distance of 30-50 cm on pet accessories (bedding, apparel, etc) and provide your pet with a healthy environment. One spray covers a surface of about 100 cm². The product is ready to use (no dilution is required)


Our vision

For us, grooming is not just about tending to your pet’s appearance. Featuring silver or gold nanoparticles, meticulously combined with a selection of natural ingredients (e.g. extracts and oils), NanoSanitas™ shields our four-legged companions from pathogens, offering a better & healthier future for them and your family. We envision a worry-free co-habitation of humans and companion animals, where pets are treated as a part of the family. To facilitate this, we created a line of products that allows you to treat your pet in a way that suppresses minor skin issues avoiding their manifestation into a condition that will require extensive treatment.