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NEAKASA Pet Multifunctional Pet Grooming Vacuum

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NEAKASA Pet Multifunctional Pet Grooming Vacuum

Product introduction

Keeping Your Furry Companion Safe

Before catnip and hairball remedies, Neakasa S1 Pro offers preventive care at its heart! Cat adore self-grooming, spending nearly half their awake time, licking themselves an average of 600-800 times daily. Yet, the loose fur they remove can accumulate over time, resulting in troublesome; hairballs. That's where we step in, offering gentle grooming to ensure your furry companion's health and happiness.

Caring for Your Well-being

Scattered fur can become a breeding ground for bacteria, dandruff, and mites. Developing a regular habit of grooming, brushing, and cleaning your furry companions helps reduce allergens in your home environment.

In a home without scattered pet fur, you can breathe freely, bringing peace of mind to those with allergies.

Clever attachment recognition, silent and gentle grooming anywhere. Groom, Trim, and Vacuum on the Go!

Product Highlight

- 8 Attachment Heads
At-home pet care is more than just cleaning; it's quality bonding time!

- 3L Dustbin
Suitable for pets of all sizes, big and small.

- Ergonomic Design
Easy on the thumb - no strain, just effortless grooming.

- Donut-Shaped Design
Grooming your furry friends while adding a touch of style to your home!