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ONE FOR PETS Mesh Cover For Air Mattress with Head Rest, Ferny Green

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Product Description

At One for Pets, we aim to engage in providing the products with beneficiary features to our beloved pets.

Since our launch of the Orthopedic Interlaced Air Mattress product line in the year of 2014, our products have been widely appreciated by veterinarians, pet owners, dog hotel chains, and adoption centers...... This unique item was awarded "The Best Product of the Year" (2015) in the "ExpoZOO" Canada and "National Pet Industry Trade Show" Canada (2015). We are now thrilled to introduce an upgrade version, the "Ferny-Green" collection with the special functions of Anti-Microbial and Odor Suppression.

The fabric bedcovers are treated by SILVERPLUS textiles auxiliary in the dyeing process. SILVERPLUS has the leading silver ion technology, developed by the fanous Rudolf Group, Germany.


- It inhibits the multiplication of odor bacteria and fungi.
- Fresh bedcovers, even if washed at a low temperature.
- Resistant to many washes (at 60°C 100+ wishes).
- Safe to skin.

SILVERPLUS proprietary microstructures trigger powerful antibacterial effects based on 3 distinctive inhibiting mechanisms:
1. Blocking of oxygen-transporting enzymes
2. Inactivation of Sulphur-containing proteins
3. Locking on the cell membrane of bacteria, causes the rupture of the microorganism surface protein in the membrane.

It can inhibit most common bacteria and fungus, tests have proven the efficacy on:
Staphylococcus aureus, Candida (Monilla) albicans, Escherichia colim Listeria moncytongenes, Corynebacterium xerosis...... and many more.


M: 27"x36"x3.15"/7" (91 x 69 x 8 cm / 18cm)
L: 34"x45"x3.15"/7" (114 x 86 x 8 cm / 18cm)

Suitable for

Dogs & Cats