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PETKIT Fresh Element 3.0 Auto-rotating Bowl

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Product Description

- Made of 304 stainless steel and ABS.
- Built-in, personalized voice recording system, allows your pet to hear your voice during mealtime.
- Compatible with dry food, freeze-dried food, and air-dried food.
- Auto-rotating bowl prevents overloaded food and food stacking. It also avoids food spillages. Every grain falls evenly and decently.
- Built-in weight sensor measures accurately.
- The 3 built-in lock systems keep food fresh.
- Sealing silicon on the lid, at the door, and the desiccant box keeps the food dry.
- Feed your pets by setting up feeding schedules or manually on the app.
- Check the comprehensive feeding data, including time and amount on the app.
- Comes with a backup rechargeable lithium battery.
- Easy cleaning and dissembling.




13.26 * 8.77 * 13.70 inches

Petkit is a start-up company focusing on the research and development of pet smart products. It was established in 2013 in Shanghai. To establish pet SNS social software, develop and produce pet smart products, and develop APP applications are the main industries. All product designs are based on user experience as a priority consideration, and we hope to create a smart life for pets.