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PETSPEMF Pad for Dogs

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Product Description

What is Petspemf Pad?

The Petspemf Pad is a non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory PEMF bed for dogs, cats or other animals. It has been scientifically proven to alleviate pain and inflammation in animals without undesirable effects. PEMF therapy offers a safe technology that can be used as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with the treatment plan for all animals. It is the effects of this induced current that are therapeutic.

How does PEMF work?

Every function in the pets’ cells, be it conscious, unconscious, mental, or physical needs electrical current to occur.

PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field) technology uses electromagnetic pulses to gently stimulate and balance the cell’s functions with non-invasive frequencies. The pets’ entire bodies are electrochemical organs and can be effectively influenced by low and safe electromagnetic frequencies.

Today, PEMF technology is used to treat post-operative pain, edema, osteoarthritis, anxiety, depression, chronic wounds, arthritis, and many other conditions. The increasing amount of clinical evidence from all around the world supports the fact that PEMF therapy is incredibly beneficial to use for both humans and animals.

PEMF devices have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat non-union fractures and are cleared to treat:
- post-operative pain and edema,
- osteoarthritis,
- plantar fasciitis.

What are the recommended treatment protocols?

Petspemf Pad has three programs for pain relief, stress relief, and accelerated healing.
- For Pain Relief, the recommended daily regime is 30 minutes and the therapy should last until needed. The pad can be positioned over the affected site or the animal can lie on it, and use it as a PEMF bed.
- For Accelerated healing, the recommended daily regime is 30 minutes and the therapy should last until needed. The pad can be positioned over the wound or affected site, or the animal can lay on it.

- For Stress Relief, the recommended daily regime is a maximum of 3 times for 20 minutes and the therapy should last 1-2 weeks. The pad can be positioned on the plexus, the whole body, or the head of the animal, or the animal can lie on it.

Different Petspemf Programs

Different Programs Recommended Stimulation Regime
Pain Relief
By utilizing strategically placed coils inside of the Pad, the pet can receive targeted electromagnetic stimulation on any part of the body. Stimulation will result in pain relief and will enhance the body’s natural recovery process
Frequencies: 50.6 Hz and 15.2 Hz
Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT
Position: Over the affected site
Duration: 30 minutes
Therapy: until needed
Accelerated Healing
Accelerated Healing program decreases inflammation and pain, and speeds up the healing time and regeneration in pets. Additional clinical evidence also supports using PEMF as a post-operative treatment, promoting wound and tissue healing.
Frequencies: 15.2 Hz and 40.5 Hz
Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT
Position: Over the affected site, over the wound
Duration: 30 inutes
Therapy: until needed
Stress Relief
The Stress Relief program creates physiological changes in pets that are tense, prone to panic, have post-traumatic stress disorder, and need help calming down generally. The Pad energizes the cells on a molecular level which results in oxygenation of the brain and increased blood flow.
Frequencies: 4 Hz and 6 Hz
Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT
Position: Plexus (belly), whole body, head
Therapy: 1 week: 3 x 20 min a day, then 2 weeks 1-2 x 20 min a day

On what distance does the Petspemf Pad work?

For the best results, the pet needs to be directly on top of the Petspemf Pad, or as close as possible. The frequencies are more intense closer to the coils; the further you go they are weaker. The Petspemf Pad can be used up to 15cm or 6in distance.

What is the difference between Petspemf Pad and Assisi Loop?

The technology used is the same. The differences between the Assisi loop and the Petspemf pad are the following:
- The Assisi loop offers targeted therapy – for one body part. Petspemf Pad uses 5/6 coils (small/large) which provide PEMF therapy to the whole body of the pet.
- The Assisi loop requires your assistance as a pet owner. Many pets are temperamental, they move, chew on things, etc. Petspemf Pad is designed so that animals can lie, scratch, bite or sleep on it, without presenting any danger.
- The Assisi loop has a limited battery of 150 treatments, and you are advised to take 2 hours break between treatments. Petspemf Pad has a rechargeable battery and can be used an unlimited amount of times.
- Petspemf Pad is supported by 25 scientific studies and is made from anti-scratch material. It additionally has a waterproof inner cover so that the coils stay dry and the device works through all the messes and spills


Small: 13in x 17.5in x 0.8in | 330mm x 445mm x 20mm