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RIVERD REPUBLIC NECO PASTE All Natural PureValue7 Kidney Care Tuna 30g x7

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RIVERD REPUBLIC NECO PASTE All Natural PureValue7 Kidney Care Tuna 30g x7

Product Description

- No Thickeners
- No Sweeteners
- Gluten Free
- Antioxidant Free
- Uncolored
- No seasoning
- Unscented


Tuna, salmon, natural water (using water from Okudaisen, Tottori Prefecture), sprouted brown rice powder, scallop soup stock powder

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 4.5% or more
Fat: 0.5% or more
Crude fiber: 0.5% or less
Ash: 1.0% or less
Moisture: 94.0% or less
Energy (per stick) about 12kcal

Made in Japan

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Pet Treats Manufacturer from Japan

We develop and supply private brand products by cooperating with large leading retail stores. Nationwide, we also provide our original brand of products which are safe, reliable products made with Tottori agricultural and marine products.

In addition, we import a variety of international pet foods and pet products directly from overseas by cooperating with reputable local partners known for the quality control of their products.

We are a global company with a fully integrated 21 st century business model extending from manufacturing to sales.

We have the latest modern puree production lines where we make PB and NB products. Using a heat sterilization process, we have achieved a shelflife of 24 months for all of our additive-free and supplement-based products. We propose original products for each customer.

Our factory is one of only a few gum processing factories in Japan and is located in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture, one of Japan’s most famous cowhide processing areas. We have advanced technology in manufacturing dental gum, and we make products that satisfy market needs.