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An antioxidant formula that promotes the health of the dog's brain, eyes, heart and other organs.

The complete antioxidant and vitamin formula provides nutritional support and is beneficial to the brain health of elderly dogs.

The antioxidant compound formula made from natural source of herbal antioxidants helps to resist free radical damage to the body, protects the eyes, cardiovascular health and nutritional supplements for Alzheimer's disease, and helps maintain vitality.

The natural-derived antioxidant formula related to pet nervous system, eyes, heart and other organs helps senior dogs entering middle and old age resist free radical damage to the body and maintain vitality.

Dosage form

brown chewing lozenges for dogs.


․ Acetyl Carnitine:50 mg-Protect brain nerve and retinal function, promote energy production, improve cognitive impairment and short-term memory.
․ Alpha Lipoic Acid:25 mg-At the same time, it resists both water-soluble and fat-soluble free radicals, reducing nerve damage caused by inflammation.
․ Acetyl Carnitine:50 mg-Protect brain nerve and retinal function, promote energy production, improve cognitive impairment and short-term memory.
․ Bioflavonoids (proanthocyanidins):10 mg-powerful antioxidant, antioxidant capacity is 20 times that of vitamin C, and the ability to scavenge free radicals is 50 times that of vitamin E.
․ Cysteine:2.5 mg-Scavenging free radicals to prevent lipid oxidation, and produce antioxidants to fight free radicals.
․ Vitamin E:2.5 IU-antioxidant
․ Vitamin B1:1 mg
․ Vitamin B2:1 mg
․ Vitamin B3:2.5 mg
․ Vitamin B6:0.5 mg
․ Vitamin B12:1.5mg
․ Folic acid:35 mg
(Vitamin B1,2,3,6,12 and folic acid-have great benefits to the eyes and other organs, and help the metabolism of nutrients.)


Feed directly or sprinkle in pet food. Packaging: 30 tablets per bottle.

Suggested dose

1 capsule per 10 kg per day.


This product can only be taken to dogs under the guidance of a veterinarian. Keep out of reach of children.

Health and safety

no side effects.


Happy Harvest Corporation is established in 2003 in Taiwan.

As the significant development of veterinary medicine, pets live longer, and we are happy that we now have more time with them. However, at the same time, more pets are suffering from diseases and illness that come with ageing and modernized life, such as stomatitis, allergy, asthma … These are usually chronic illness that needs long-term caring.

We believe that with research, we can find natural ingredients that help our pets combating their chronic illness and might even help to reduce the use of pharmaceuticals, which may cause negative side-effects. We are pet parents ourselves, and we stay close to veterinarians. We listen to vets’ experience and their needs in current clinical treatment. We work with Veterinary schools, laboratories, and experienced vets to find the best and science research proofed nutraceuticals.

Our caring sales and technical team are always passionately aiming at helping animals, and veterinarians access the best valuable clinical health support.

Our mission is to help veterinarians and pet parents bringing their pets longer, happier and healthier lives.