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VETRESKA Cat Climbing Frame - Cherry (L)

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Product Description

- Selected high-quality sisal rope, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, rain-proof
- The difficult winding process, the hemp rope is thin and firm, consumes the cat's destructive power
- Strong steel ring, high-density steel ring forms green leaves, can withstand 7kg cat rest
- Use flannel fabric, friendly, soft and comfortable
- Purely handmade, unique design


69 x 39 x 58 cm


17 kg


Flannel, Jute, Particleboard

Founded by a group of rebellious young fashion technology college graduates/pet lovers, with the hope to bring a brand-new pet-raising lifestyle through their own products, they are influenced by the fashionable, rebellious and free downtown of New York. The product mixes avant-garde and interesting elements to create an interesting and fashionable pet life.

Designing fashionable products and realizing fun ideas. Weika will add unexpected elements to the seemingly ordinary pet life, allowing every pet lover to open the door to a new world of pets. Define a new modern pet lifestyle and make this career the ultimate.