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WALKIN' PET Wheelchair Leash

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WALKIN' PET Wheelchair Leash

Product Details
The Walkin’ Wheelchair Leash attaches easily to Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs (except the MINI) to help control and guide your dog. It may also be used to walk two dogs at the same time (without wheelchairs).
  • 4-foot long leash
  • Additional 11 to 20 inches of adjustability on dual leash attachment
  • Constructed of high-density 1” nylon webbing
  • Fluorescent orange with double-sided reflective silver stitching for safety
  • Padded mesh-lined handle for comfort, even when your dog pulls
  • Attaches to two silver Eye Pads on rear of Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair
  • Additional uses: a tangle-free way to walk two dogs at once and removeable dual leash attachment converts to standard style


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