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Wholistic Pet Organics Flax Seed Oil 16 oz

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The highest quality, cold-pressed flaxseed oil for beautifully healthy skin & coat.

Wholistic Flax Seed Oil™ is a rich source of both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Good health is dependent on essential fatty acids EFA’s for normal cell functioning and to produce hormone-like substances necessary for energy metabolism and cardiovascular and immune health.

What is EFAs?

EFAs are a special type of “good fat”. They are also essential nutrients; sometimes called vitamin F. Essential nutrients are necessary for life, but must be obtained through diet because the body cannot make them. EFAs are required for the proper structure and function of every cell in the body, and are important for optimal health. EFAs increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals; nourish the skin, hair and nails; promote proper nerve functioning; help produce hormones; ensure normal growth and development; and prevent and treat disease.

Wholistic Flax Seed Oil™ is also rich in lignans, a type of phytoestrogen. Lignans are antioxidants that can help your pet’s immune system do its job, and further improves your pet’s ability to mitigate inflammation. This means that your pet may be better able to deal with the pain of arthritis and other chronic inflammatory disorders that affect its joints and decrease its mobility, and even possibly fight off infections that may be related to inflammation.


• Delivers Total Body Health™
• Helps support a healthy skin and coat
• Helps support a normal inflammatory response
• Helps support normal shedding
• Helps support a normal immune response.


1 pump stroke = 1 teaspoon


2 - 20 lbs 1/2 teaspoon
21 - 50 lbs 3/4 teaspoon
51 - 90 lbs 1 teaspoon


1 – 10 lbs 1/8 teaspoon
10 lbs and over 1/4 teaspoon

Great for dogs and cats of all ages!
• Simply mix in your pet’s regular food.
Daily amount may be divided amongst feedings.
• Amount can be adjusted according to individual pet’s needs.


Unrefined Organic Flaxseed Oil


Crude Fat (min) 19%
Moisture (max) 0.02%
Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids 51% (2561 mg/tsp)
Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids 15% (793 mg/tsp)
Total Omega-9 Fatty Acids 21% (747 mg/tsp)


12300 kcal ME/kg and 12.3 kcal ME/g


The good stuff! – “I love flax seed oil and it would seem the dogs do too. This oil smells good and is easy to dispense. I use Wholistic Pet Organics Flax Seed Oil on the dog's breakfasts and WPO Salmon Oil on their dinner. I am happy with the ease of use and the apparent improvement in my dog's skin and coats since I've been using regularly.” Sage (Albuquerque, US)