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PURINA DENTALIFE Dental Treats Salmon Cat

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Dental problems affect most cats over the age of two. The good news is you can help maintain healthy teeth. According to the Veterinary Oral Health Council, regular cleaning is the key to keeping your cat’s teeth and gums healthy. Feeding DentaLife treats can be an important part of your cat’s daily oral care routine. DentaLife dental treats for cats are specially designed with a more porous texture than traditional treats. This helps the tooth penetrate the treat, surrounding all sides of the tooth to reduce tartar buildup. Plus, they come in two flavors cats crave – Tasty Chicken and Savory Salmon.



․ Crunchy Texture Allows Tooth to Penetrate for an Effective Clean

․ Scientifically Proven to Reduce Tartar Buildup

․ With Added Calcium and Taurine

․ Wholesome Ingredients and a Savory Salmon Flavor She'll Love

․ Produced in USA facilities



․ Ground Yellow Corn

․ Chicken Meal

․ Corn Gluten Meal

․ Animal Digest

․ Animal Fat Preserved with Mixed-Tocopherols

․ Powdered Cellulose

․ Fish and Salmon Meal

․ Glycerin

․ Calcium Carbonate

․ Natural Flavour

․ Salt

․ Brewers Dried Yeast

․ Vitamin E Supplement

․ Taurine

․ Tricalcium Phosphate


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For over 90 years, we believe that pets and people are better together.
Our passion for pets goes beyond pushing pet nutrition forward, and into forging partnerships in the pet welfare world and raising awareness of what pets truly need.  After all, we've seen firsthand how powerful the bond with a pet can be, and the many unique ways that pets can strengthen our families and bring our communities closer.
Our quest to drive pet nutrition forward and conduct industry-leading research on the wellbeing of pets pushes our company to do more year after year.  We work hard for your pets every day, and we love doing it.


Choosing partners who supply our meat, grain and vegetables mean we can select high-quality cat and dog food ingredients for your pet. And it ensures we can trace every ingredient back to our trusted sources.

Expertly Prepared

Because knowing what our cat and dog food is made of is important, we craft 99% of our pet products in our own US facilities so we can keep an eye on every step.

Nutritionally Essential

Studying the nutrients dogs and cats need, then selecting the right cat and dog food ingredients ensures every recipe nourishes them.

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