EZYDOG Zero Shock Leashes 48" Lite

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A Shock Absorbing Dog Leash for Smaller Dogs A high spec, shock-absorbing webbing dog lead that works! A 6' leash with a highly sprung bungee system absorbs any sudden shocks made by your dog. It is soft, durable, reflective, and will not lose its tension over time. The Zero Shock™ Bungee Cord Leashes combine the ultimate comfort, control, and protection while not compromising style and quality!


Designed for Small Pups

This version of the Zero Shock™ Leash is made from narrow .5" webbing, meaning that it is lighter in weight than the standard versions. It is the perfect leash for dogs 26 lbs and under that.

Zero Shock™ Technology

Zero Shock™ Technology is the advanced shock absorbing component in the center of the leash that cushions and eases the pressure for both the owner and the dog.

Super Soft!

Our blend of super soft, double density nylon makes this leash for small dogs a pleasure to hold. We then finish it out with reflective trim for nighttime safety and an additional neoprene lining in the handle.


• Zero Shock™ Technology to protect against sudden jolts
• 6 ft. in length
• Utilizes a Soft Neoprene Lined Loop Handle
• Made from our Proprietary Soft Touch™ Webbing
• Reflective Webbing
• Accessory D-Ring

Product specifications:

Zero Shock™ Lite Leash 48"
Leash length: 120cm

Brand Spirit

EZYDOG is an outdoor sports pet products brand from Australia. Its unique trendy design has won many international awards. The spirit of the brand is to encourage owners to bring pets to engage in outdoor activities. The product design is based on the comfort of the owner and the dog. Incorporating skills, sports, fashion, and practicality, combined with the diversity of dog physical engineering, we continue to innovate and design to make your dog closer to your life!

Brand Story

Luke Hatcher has been engaged in water sports for many years. Although he has been committed to the field of business sales and wholesale for a long time he has rich experience in the knowledge of raw materials and the understanding of durable materials. Because we often trim the pruning shears in the workshop and constantly improve, we can make the best products.

Because he has a passion for water skiing, beaches, and adventure, and at the same time owns the best border collie "Roger". So I began to study and combine the needs of each other and invented a "shock-absorbing leash" for "Roger" and Luke to try and use. As a result, it attracted the curiosity and love of some friends, and they asked to do it for them. Part of it was sent to the crafts market on the Gold Coast, Australia, and the response was extremely enthusiastic, exceeding expectations. It will be promoted to entire Australia within a few years.

This is the success story of the first "original shock-absorbing leash", which was produced in a very simple garage with the assistance of Luke's father!

After that, the sales volume quickly exceeded the limit of the output that could be supplied, and it was necessary to operate corporately to meet the market demand. The EZYDOG was born under this wonderful opportunity.

All of our products are hand-made in our factories, always maintaining the highest quality, and are well received in major countries around the world! Strive to be the most avant-garde in innovation, and provide a full range of leashes, collars, chest straps, coats, floating suits, and other accessories for the owners of enthusiastic and caring dogs to meet the needs of you and your dog, and at the same time Let you walk together at the forefront of outdoor pet product design!